Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature CryBaby

December 1, 2009
0.00HUGG_Dunlop_kh95To paraphrase some mushy date movie, this pedal had me with its sick green hue. The skeleton- foot treadle was a bonus. The KH95 ($264 retail/$159) is a tough beauty, as well. When it accidentally fell from a gig bag onto the street, I decided to further test its durability by kicking it off stage and five feet to a club floor, and rolling into it with a drum-hardware case. Nothing stopped the wah from working, and it still looks almost as good as new. The wah is voiced to Hammett’s specs, and while I’ve never wanted to emulate his style, I still loved the pedal’s taut, clear vocal-esque timbres that scream without getting shrill. The KH95 sounds more dimensional and punchy than the classic $99 CryBaby—especially when applying distortion and delay to your lead signal—so if you’re a wah freak, this flavor is a winner.
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