Ducks Deluxe Updates Copyright Kit

October 27, 2010

copy"Ducks Deluxe Musicians Copyright Notebook Kit" has now been updated to include instructions for filling out and filing the new "CO" copyright form online, with currant copyright prices and additional information and options on how to process your submissions, saving the extra fees involved by mailing your copyrights in to The Library of Congress via the post office.

Ducks Deluxe first released  "The Musicians Copyright Notebook Kit" in 2006—this updated version includes all changes for copyrighting music  - bringing this valuable resource to your music library current with U.S. Copyright submission requirements, whether submitting on-line or mailing them in. Everything you need to register the copyright of your songs with lyrics or instrumentals, whether your music is written on sheet music paper or recorded on a cd or cassette is included, sorted, color coded and ready to go with the easiest instructions possible, including example forms already filled in by copyright lawyers.

© Industry Secrets Revealed! The Musicians Copyright Notebook Kit shows you how to register a single piece of music or an entire compilation of music for the same price. Also, how to register both the PA and the SR copyrights for the same piece of music at the same time—on just one form for the same price as registering just one.

It's all here, official U.S. Government Forms valid in all fifty states: (contains all masters to make copies from, and copy for your immediate use)
- additional Copyrighting Resources and Related Organizations of Interest, all in a 3 Ring Vinyl Notebook Binder.

"The Musicians Copyright Notebook Kit" shows you how. Buy it once, never run out,  just make more copies

List Price $19.95

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