Dream Musician Forms Major Industry Alliances(2)

May 11, 2006

“Yamaha is proud to sponsor Dream Musician,” Athan Billias, director of marketing at Yamaha, states. “Dream Musician’s services are unprecedented. Never before has a company enabled any musician to actually play in their favorite band. The songs Dream Musician provides aren’t redone. They’re the real thing… the master tracks performed by the original artists. Being a musician myself, it’s very exciting.”

Dream Musician also provides songs that separate the musician’s instrument of choice from the accompaniment of all other instruments in the song. This way, fans can acquire the original master tracks of their favorite musicians to hear exactly how the artist performed their songs when they were first recorded.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of Roland and Yamaha,” Matt Juall, chief executive officer of Dream Musician, explains. “Their involvement with Dream Musician reinforces the validity our services have with the music industry.”

Dream Musician, in cooperation with UMG, has licensed an extensive library of song titles ranging across several genres of music. The songs, downloadable in Windows Media format, are accessible through secure digital downloads priced at $2.00 per individual title.

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