Dingwall Launches the Custom I

January 18, 2012
There are many classic guitars that are echoed in the Custom I. With this guitar we pay tribute to and add enhancements to these great originals.

The Custom I is our riff on a T-style meets Rockabilly meets Modern. We've distilled what we feel are the important qualities of feel and tone from the past and added the following enhancements:
• Arm contour - rotates around the bridge for comfort at any strap height.
• Belly contour - extends all the way to the strap pin. Comfortable sitting, standing or even kneeling.
• Heel and horn contours - slimmed and rounded. Full access to the last fret.
• Laminated neck with High-mass truss rod - greater stability, sustain and harmonics
• Ultra-low angle headstock with straight string path - stronger, less friction in nut, better tuning stability
• Compound radius fingerboard - 7-1/2" to 16". Nice and round for chording, nice and flat for picking.
• Hipshot open-back tuners - light weight, smooth tuning.
• Swamp Ash with Tone Chambers - light weight and resonant.
• TV Jones Classic pickups - incredible clean and crunchy tones.

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