DigiTech Jamman Solo Looper and Phrase Sampler

January 30, 2014

DSC_1905The Solo ($309 retail/$199 street) is the smallest member of DigiTech’s latest generation of looping pedals, but despite its diminutive size the pedal is packed with features. In addition to the standard looping and overdubbing functions, you can “undo” and “redo” overdubs, import audio from external sources via a 1/8" Aux In, and store up to 35 minutes of mono 16-bit/44.1kHz audio in 99 onboard memory slots. Those who require even more memory can insert an optional SD/SDHC card and record 16- plus hours of audio into 99 additional memory slots. And there’s a USB connector for interfacing with the proprietary JamManager librarian software. A 9-volt external power supply is included.

The audio quality is excellent and looping with the Solo is a snap. Tap the footswitch once to begin recording, again to lock in the loop, and again to overdub, etc. If you want to get fancy you can use the Metronome, Time Signature, and Tap-Tempo functions to create custom loops, jam along to one of nine rhythm guide tracks, or cop licks by adjusting the tempo of a recorded loop without changing the pitch. To trigger prerecorded loops “hands free” while performing, however—say, for verse-chorus- verse arrangements—you’ll need an optional FS3X Expander Footswitch ($69 retail/$39 street), which provides Up, Down, and Stop/Tap-Tempo switches. The Solo sounds great and delivers lots of looping power in a compact package, and now that the Mac OS software has materialized, we Apple users can fully utilize it.







0.00000gp_edpickKUDOS Excellent audio quality. Robust feature set. Compact size.

CONCERNS Requires optional footswitch for some functions.

CONTACT DigiTech, (801)566-8800; digitech.com



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