Derek Duncan to take over Seymour Duncan Custom Shop

December 12, 2012
imgAs the company grows and expands, the son of the legendary Seymour Duncan steps up at the international headquarters in Santa Barbara, California to take the reigns of the Custom Shop.

He'll be working directly with customers and performing artists, as well as assisting in the research and development of new products for the company. A fixture at the factory since he was in grade school, Derek has been winding pickups since before he could legally drive—or work for that matter.

"I've learned the art of the pickup from the masters—my dad Seymour and MJ (Maricela Juarez). I've been learning, and perfecting, and mastering this work since I was old enough to, well, work. I'm proud of what I do, and how I do it.” — Derek Duncan

For nearly a decade, Derek has been a key player in the family business, working with and learning the entire process of designing and crafting pickups. He started his career working on the production floor and Quality Control, then in the Engineering Department before moving into his previous role as Builder and Machinist for the Custom Shop.

Comfortable around both major artists and on the shop floor since he was a teenager, he's now taking over the heart of the company—the Custom Shop—where Seymour Duncan's signature custom pickups are manufactured. Derek is the skilled artisan behind many of the newer 7 and 8 string models, as well as historical recreations such as the Alnico Staple P90 and the Charlie Christian pickup.

"I can do whatever the customer needs. I know how to make things work, I know what needs done. Sketch it out. Grind it down. Wind it up—whatever it takes, we can do it.” —Derek Duncan

Derek's new role is a continuation of his growth as a master artisan. With him at the helm of the Custom Shop, great tone will be guaranteed, championed, and shared—as it always has been at Seymour Duncan.
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