DeltaLab SC1 Stereo Chorus

June 15, 2011

imgNo pedalboard is complete without chorus, and, for that spot, DeltaLab offers the SC1 ($99 retail/$59 street), an analog design that has a complement of Depth, Rate, and Level controls, along with a blue LED that flashes in time to the Rate setting. The SC1 is a fairly subtle chorus—it can do moderate, instrumentthickening effects well enough, but don’t expect anything close to extreme, even with the Rate and Depth knobs maxed. Actually the more depth you dial in, the more the “shimmer” part of the chorusing washes out. I found this made the SC1 sound best for higher-gain sounds, and somewhat less so for sparkling clean applications. However, as with the DD1 Digital Delay, the SC1 has a warmth to its sound that makes it a particularly good match for single-coil-equipped guitars. And also like the DD1, the SC1 is much more impressive sounding in stereo. All in all, the SC1 is a good choice for the money, and unless you’re the type who likes to really slather chorusing on everything you play, it may be all the effect you need.

KUDOS Pleasant analog-like sound.
CONCERNS Might be too subtle for some tastes.

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