DeltaLab RD1 Rock Distortion

June 15, 2011

imgThe redheaded stepchild of the bunch is the RD1 Rock Distortion ($79 retail/$39 street). Residing in a sonic purgatory between the MD1 Metal Distortion and TO1 Tube Overdrive, the RD1’s sound is reminiscent of a Marshall JCM 800, albeit without the tube dynamics and personality. The MD1’s low-to-medium-gain tones sound good, but the more you lean on the Gain knob, the more biting the distortion gets—which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what you’re after. The first half of the Tone control’s range really thickens up single-coils, which I found very useful with my Strat, and beyond the two o’clock setting it adds a nice bite to humbuckers. The only bummer about the RD1 was that I had to crank the Level control to more than two-thirds to match unity gain, which doesn’t leave much volume headroom for boosting solos.

KUDOS Good amp-style distortion.
CONCERNS Anemic output.

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