DeltaLab DD1 Digital Delay

June 15, 2011

imgA no-frills digital delay that’s designed to deliver an analog-style response, the DD1 ($99 retail/$59 street) produces effects that remain warm and natural sounding, even with the Level and Feedback controls dimed. Maximum delay time is only 325 milliseconds, so you can’t get any freaky, self-oscillating effects—but that’s enough echo range to summon rockabilly-style slapback or spice up a solo. The smooth, analog-like voicing does a good job of mitigating any clinical aspects of the digital processing, which is something I especially appreciated when using guitars with single-coil pickups.

In keeping with the DD1’s basic design, there is no tap-tempo feature, but the Time, Repeats, and Level controls make it easy to dial in a sound quickly. And, if you are light on your feet and wear pointy-toed shoes, you can even make on-the-fly tweaks to the controls. To make the sound of the DD1 really come alive, take advantage of the stereo outputs and you’ll be rewarded with über-echo majesty as the effects ping-pong between a pair of amps. All things considered, including its quiet operation, DeltaLab’s DD1 is a good choice for a first delay pedal or a backup in case your main delay goes down.

KUDOS Low price. Warm sounding. Stereo outs.
CONCERNS Not for those looking for extreme delay sounds.

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