Dean Markley

September 1, 2004

Tahoe Pickup
Mounts in soundhole, Qwik-Knx connector allows for removal from soundhole, single-coil with gold-plated adjustable pole pieces, comes with gold-plated stereo end-pin jack.

Price: $129

Trilogy Acoustic Amplification Pickup System
Magnetic pickup (an extremely low-noise single-coil with individual string adjustments for balanced tone), Under-The-Bridge-Saddle transducer (for independent response of each string, this transducer has six individual sensors), high-quality condenser mic located inside Trilogy, blender pickup system does not require cutting any tone-altering holes in your guitar, gold-plated pole pieces, connectors, and end-pin jack, pre-amp system “hidden” within pickup assembly, easy installation (no soldering required), may be easily removed (all components use plug-style connectors), easily reached volume controls for onboard adjustments.

Price: $495

Barstow Piezo Pickup
Installs under bridge saddle, preamp located inside gold-plated-end pin jack.

Price: TBA

La Jolla Pickup
Combines piezo and magnetic pickup sounds by using Tahoe and Barstow in the same package, includes gold-plated stereo end-pin jack.

Price: TBA

Love Potion Guitar Polishes & Cleaners
Available in 1- and 4-ounce bottles, #9 (Spritzer Cleaner), #11 (Deep Cleaner), #13 (Restorer), #15 (Fretboard Saver).

Prices: From $2 to $7

Lov’n Care Polishing Cloths
Available in double-thick cotton and micro fiber, machine washable.

Prices: From $6 to $7

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