Dean Licenses Aphex Technology for Its Latest Line of Acoustic Guitars

July 20, 2010

Aphex has announced that it has partnered with Dean Guitars of Tampa, Florida. Dean is the first guitar manufacturer worldwide to offer a custom version of Aphex’s Aural Exciter and Big Bottom circuitry specifically ‘voiced” inside their new acoustic electric Exotica and Performer series guitars. Available in luxurious finishes such as Bubinga, Cocobolo, Koa, Flame Maple and Quilt Ash, these acoustic electric guitars are currently shipping to retailers worldwide. A guitarist simply presses the Aphex button, and these new Dean guitars come alive.
Aphex utilizes its patented technologies to dramatically improve the sonic performance of any audio source.  Optimized for Dean's new 2010 series guitars, the Aphex Aural Exciter adds "air," "bite," "definition," "percussive attack" and better clarity by enhancing the natural harmonics of the guitar’s sound. No other product has the musicality of the authentic Aural Exciter found in these guitars. Aphex’s Big Bottom circuit dynamically enhances the low end by deepening and expanding the bass frequencies and providing better definition and significant “warmth." Aphex technology is not just an equalizer. The effect “fattens” the guitar’s amplified tone and provides the guitarist with an overall “bigger sound” with dramatic detail to each and every note.
Guitarists and listeners alike are praising the new Dean guitars. In listening tests, everyone picked the Dean Aphex-enhanced signal over the normal direct guitar every time, and described the effect as "richer" "brighter" "clearer" and "more alive."  One guitarist said, "the Aphex custom circuit offers up thick, big blossoming low-end that's in perfect balance with delicious, smooth high end!"
Founded in 1976, Dean Guitars has rapidly risen to one of the world’s most respected guitar and bass brands.  The company claims hundreds of adherents among name recording artists and touring musicians ranging from Jeff Berlin, Ric Ocasek, Leslie West and Jeff Berlin to Dimebag Darrell, Jani Lane, Dave Mustaine and Bret Michaels. While especially popular with hard rock and metal players, Dean offers over 50 different acoustic guitars. Dean CEO, Elliott Dean Rubinson, not only runs his company, he's also a touring musician performing with artists such as Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth.
Rubinson says, “We've been building acoustics since 1997 and never has the excitement about Dean acoustics been greater than it's been since we introduced these new ‘Aphex Powered’ guitars. We seem to be constantly in a sold-out position and the buyers of these instruments love what the Aphex circuit does to the amplified sound. With the patented Aphex circuit engaged, our Dean guitars come ‘alive’ with much more detail and presence. Once a guitarist turns it on, they never turn it off. This is just the beginning of our association with Aphex. We plan on offering the world-renowned Aphex technology in many other Dean instruments and couldn't be happier about this relationship with our friends at Aphex."
Aphex engineers and product specialists teamed with Dean guitar designers to develop the proprietary Aphex circuit for Dean. The collaboration tested dozens of prototypes before agreeing on the exact voicing for these new acoustic electric guitars. “Working with Dean to make a better-sounding instrument is one more step forward in our goal to make the world sound better, and develop partnerships that build awareness of what our Aphex technologies can do,” says DW Entertainment’s President and CEO David Wiener. “Many musicians are already familiar with Aphex technologies and have become a devoted group. The new Dean Guitars offer built-in, unparalleled performance in a remarkably affordable—and beautiful—guitar line for serious guitarists.  We are grateful to partner with such a high-profile guitar manufacturer and look forward to a long and exciting association."
Aphex COO Robin Sibucao agrees, “Dean is a legendary, bold brand that has the vision and fortitude to bring innovative ideas to serious guitarists and bassists worldwide. All of us at DWV Entertainment and Aphex are extremely proud of our relationship with the creative and talented people at Dean. They consistently prove that they are committed to making extraordinary sounding instruments.”

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