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October 6, 2009

DBZ Guitars is now shipping guitars across America and worldwide. With strong sales in America DBZ Guitars has announced initial distribution to the following countries; Australia, Canada, Central America, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Poland, South America, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


Music Retailers are singing their praise…

“The first guitar we received was a DBZ Tuscan…it sold the same day. We’ve been receiving regular calls from our customers about the Bird of Prey. One customer was actually waiting in our Georgia location for the delivery truck to arrive. I’ve never seen a customer so excited about a guitar! He took home a Bird of Prey the day they arrived.”
- Gerald Freedman, Owner, Freedman’s Music - Bluffton, SC

“The Bird Of Prey, what a guitar! Like the USA models even the imports feel great.
It’s the balance, the weight, the neck shape (which is key here) and the look. This guitar could get by on looks alone but obviously that wasn’t the plan here.”  
- Eddie Carlino, Carlino Guitars – Medford, MA

"Well exceeded any and all expectations! Quality and Playability is top notch."
- Todd Mobley, Sales Manager, TheMusicFarm.com – Orrville, OH

“When our DBZ guitars arrived, we had to double check where they were made because the import guitars felt like the handmade USA guitars. You just can’t find another guitar that feels and plays like this in this price range.” - Scott J. Hrdlicka, Director, BeyondEleven.com – Milwaukee, WI

DBZ Guitars was founded August 26, 2008 when world-renowned guitar builder Dean B. Zelinsky saw the need to take guitars to an entirely new place. DBZ Guitars breaks through the monotony on a whole new level. With vivid finishes, lifelike textured tops and three-dimensional carved art, Zelinsky has returned to raise the bar a second time.

“ Great playing guitars that look superior on stage is what DBZ is all about.” -Says DBZ Guitars CEO, Dean B. Zelinsky.  

All Guitars are available with a vast range of options; brilliant finishes and over the top graphics as both import and USA Custom Shop models. There is also a full line of acoustic guitars available. DBZ guitars invites you view their entire 2009 line of guitars online at: www.dbzguitars.com.

About DBZ Guitars:
DBZ Guitars is the new creation of legendary guitar maker Dean Zelinsky and Jeff Diamant President and CEO of Diamond Amplification. DBZ Guitars is taking guitar making to the next level by embracing modern technology, new design concepts and 30 plus years of Zelinsky’s experience as an innovator and guitar designer for the stars.

The company has a facility in the Chicago Il suburbs, as well as offshore manufacturing with worldwide distribution. DBZ offers an extensive line of electric and acoustic guitars ranging from  $ 448-$6,220

For more information please visit: www.dbzguitars.com.

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