Dave Hunter and Voyageur Press release '365 Guitars Amps & Effects You Must Play'

April 17, 2013
imgHave you ever had a “bucket list” of guitars and gear that you’ve always wanted to try out? Well, here’s a way to create a year’s worth, the new book 365 Guitars Amps & Effects You Must Play, by Dave Hunter.  

Classics, oddities, rarities and more are included here, such as the great Fender guitars, the Stratocaster and Telecaster, and the stylish Gibson Les Paul. Included as well are the dream creations-masterpieces from D'Angelico and Gretsch. And then there are the weird guitars-the outrageous, rare, and so-strange-they're-cool, and your beloved childhood guitar that you first learned on. Included as well are the guitar amps, from vintage to current, rare to essential, plus the stompboxes, foot pedals, and guitar effects that you simply have to take for a ride.

Each instrument is profiled along with a short description of its history, technical features, and what it's like to play. Photographs and rare memorabilia add the crowning touch, making this the perfect impulse buy or giftbook for any and all guitarists.

Among the 365 guitars, amps & effects included are:

1950 Gibson ES-5        
Teuffel Birdfish            
1985 Dean Z           
Larrivee L-09            
Early-1960’s Eko 700 3V        

Counterfeit Fender “Gl Amp”
1962 Marshall JTM45
1968 Kustom 100 1-15L-2    
1960 Vox AC30       
2000 TopHat Club Royale    

Dunlop Rotovibe
Early-1970’s Pignose
Mesa/Boogie V-TwinAnd many more, all expertly profiled across 320 pages with more than 680 images. It’s the perfect impulse buy or a great gift for any and all guitarists.
Z. Vex Seek Wah
Way Huge Swollen Pickle

About the Author: Dave Hunter is the author of several guitar and music-related books including Star Guitars: 101 Guitars That Rocked the World and Amped. He regularly writes for Guitar Player magazine.

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