Dave Davies on Imperfection

March 14, 2005

“I like a song to sound cranky—like it just happened,” stated solo artist and forever Kink Dave Davies about recording Bug in June 2002. “I love desperation and anger and things that are slightly out-of-tune or out-of-time. I actually strive for those areas of imperfection. I’ll blank out when I’m playing, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get one of those moments where it all sounds like the first time I’ve done something. It may not be played perfectly, but it will have that energy that only occurs when you think you’ve discovered something. Often, I’ll have to trick myself by saying I’ll fix a mistake later, but I never do. I grow to like the blunder, and then it becomes an enhancement, rather than a mistake. Perhaps it’s my upbringing that causes me to kind of want to mess something up and destroy it. But it’s all about capturing a feel—which is why I always like making demos over records. There’s the love and the energy and all those magical moments where you’re unsure of what to do, and you’re winging it. Once a part becomes second nature, the feel isn’t always there, and there’s nothing worse than complacency in music. If you know a song too well, it’s death for rock and roll.”

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