Dan Erlewine's Mod Squad(2)

March 15, 2006

Members of the Mod Squad are by no means one-trick ponies, as they bring skills and creativity from other aspects of their lives into my shop. Take Elliot John-Conry, who’s into cars and metal sculpture. Recently, Elliot used his art school background to steal a job away from me. We were refurbishing a National Glenwood, and the customer asked if we could put back the Aztec-style pattern originally stenciled on the pickup covers at the factory. I didn’t even get to reply before Elliot butted in: “I majored in art, and I have a lot of experience with things like this. Dan, you don’t mind if I take over from here, do you?”

“Yeah, right,” I thought to myself. However, as it’s not fair for me to hog all the fun jobs, I put my jealousy aside and watched Elliot go to work.

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