Corona Chorus

April 22, 2011

The Corona ($129 street) offers Speed, Depth, FX Level, and Tone controls, stereo inputs and outputs, and a mini toggle with settings for Chorus, TonePrint, and Tri-Chorus—the latter referring to the famed Roland Tri Stereo Chorus of the 1980s. The Corona also has an internal Kill-Dry switch that removes all direct (dry) signal from the output when running the Corona in an effects loop. A smart feature.

The Corona delivers sweet, tactile chorusing reminiscent of sounds produced by the vintage Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger. At speeds varying from the slow, ’80s-style chorusing we all know and love, to fast rotary speaker-like effects, the Corona is a quiet and vibey-sounding pedal that makes the chorusing sound completely integrated with whatever you’re playing, as opposed to sounding slathered on. The Tri-Chorus effects are particularly cool when going for a multi-dimensional guitar sound in stereo, as this is where you get the effect of three choruses running simultaneously (with slightly different settings on each), which creates the mesmerizing pitch-bend blur that made the original Tri-Stereo Chorus such a hit.

KUDOS Deep, rich chorusing. Superb sound quality.

CONCERNS Could not get TonePrint to load.


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