Cornell TM Boost

April 1, 2010

gp0410_gear8458Offering Treble, Middle, and Gain controls, and a Channel footswitch, the T.M. Boost ($360 retail/$270 street) is an easy-to-grok booster with the added versatility of channel switching. When the Red Channel is engaged, only the Treble control is functional, yielding a hefty volume boost and a formidable jacking-up of your treble frequencies too. In Green channel mode, you’re afforded the Gain and Middle controls, which put forth a big volume boost with the addition of an aggressively voiced Middle control. With a Telecaster driving a mid-’70s Marshall JMP 50-watt head through an old Fender 2x12 loaded with an Eminence Red Coat and Celestion Heritage speakers, I pummeled the front-end of the amp with the Green channel as I cranked the Middle control for an ungodly amount of fat, dare I say “womanesque” tone from the rear pickup of my Telecaster! Pretty bawdy for sure. Conversely, with the red channel I coaxed some aggressive, razor-sharp tones that would be perfect on a Ziggy Stardust track. Don’t let the lack of controls fool you. The T.M. Boost gives you a ton of textures—providing you get them from your hands and picking attack rather than, say, simply turning a knob. The only flaw with the T.M. Boost, however, was the unit’s battery compartment. Although it’s the same type of compartment as the Overdrive Special, the T.M.’s compartment was simply too big, allowing the 9-volt battery to move around. I made a quick fix by folding a piece of cardboard inside the compartment to fashion a tighter fit, and if you use the pedal’s power jack, it’s a moot point. The T.M. Boost sounds absolutely wonderful and will supercharge any rig with added dynamics and roar and everything in-between.

—Darrin Fox

KUDOS Tons of grind textures that are as dynamic and sultry as a tube amp.
CONCERNS A pedal that kicks this much ass should have a better battery compartment.

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