Collings MF5 Deluxe Mandolin

May 10, 2011

0.000.aaaacollingsmandoIt's only fitting for our flagship varnish f-style mandolin to receive a spectacular set of maple. In the wood category, this mandolin will not disappoint. In fact, we'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful piece of birdseye maple! Not only is the birdseye pattern very tight and densely populated, it also has deep quilting that further enhances the three dimensional effect of the figure.
This custom example has earned the "Deluxe" model designation for a few reasons. It features an elaborate floral peghead inlay that is carefully etched by hand, as well as a hand-engraved custom tailpiece. The mandolin also has more black/white purflings than any other model in our line-up, adjoining both the top and side edges of the bindings.
For the stain, we went with our Honey Amber finish, which doesn't hide any of the wood's glory. We also chose to use tortoise bindings instead of the standard grained ivoroid to better accentuate the elegant Florentine shape of the instrument. Ebony-button Waverly tuners tie the overall aesthetic together.   
Tonally, this instrument is everything you would expect from our highest end mandolin. The deep woody chop, lively attack, and full dynamic range remind us why we like varnish finishes as much as we do.                  

Select features include:
Fully Carved Engelmann Spruce Top
One-Piece Birdseye Maple Back/Sides/Neck
Honey Amber Stain
High Gloss Oil-Based Varnish Finish 
Tortoise-Style Bindings with Multiple Purflings
Fully Engraved Custom Tailpiece 
Hand-Etched Deluxe Floral Inlay 
Tortoise-Bound Ebony Pickguard
Nickel Waverly Tuners with Ebony Buttons

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