Close Call Ted Gowans

August 12, 2010

gp0810_riffs_JO3_nr“I REMEMBER A GIG IN SEATTLE A FEW YEARS AGO WHEN five minutes to show time our stage tech told me that my Vox amp had blown a power tube and asked where I keep my spare tubes,” recalls Tegan and Sara sideman Ted Gowans. “I learned my lesson the hard way that night about keeping a spare of everything!

Luckily, the club we were playing had an old Fender Twin in the back for emergency use, so five minutes later I went on stage with an amp I hadn’t soundchecked. One thing that helped was I use a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, which is very dynamic and transparent and it sounds great with most amps. It makes playing with a backline amp much simpler and worry free and it allows me to focus on playing the show rather than messing with the amp knobs. The bright side of this story is that the Fender sounded so good, I forgot all about my near disaster and had a great show.”








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