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Citay Dream Get Together

April 15, 2010

This San Francisco-based ensemble is headed up by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Ezra Feinberg, accompanied by guitarists Tim Green and Sean Smith, bassist Diego Gonzalez, drummer Warren Huegel, violinist Adria Otte, and vocalists Tahlia Harbour and Meryl Press, with cameos by Mushroom guitarist Josh Pollock (who contributes a Frippish solo on the opening cut) and several others. Dream Get Together was produced by the F**king Champs’ Tim Green, who, along with Feinberg, brought lots of creative knob twiddling to this beautifully crafted psychedelic-prog-pop recording.

Guitars form the musical core here, be they shimmering strummed acoustics, gutsy electrics, or deftly layered and effected combinations of both—including almost too
many Fripp-style sustained fuzz harmonies, which inevitably evoke Another Green World-era Eno. (Randy California’s guitar orchestrations on Spirit’s Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus also sprang to mind.) Even whole songs appear to be direct references without being full-blown covers, such as “Secret Breakfast,” which is almost certainly in homage to the Guess Who’s “American Woman.”

The vocals and vocal melodies are often upbeat and even breezy in contrast to the mostly moodier music, with sweet harmonies at times reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and the Roches—though tunes such as “Mirror Kisses,”which showcases guest vocalist Merrill Garbus harmonizing with Harbour and Press—are slower and more introspective.

While less than stylistically revolutionary, Dream Get Together melds intelligent precedents, excellent performances, and sophisticated production into 42:30 of engaging and enjoyable music that should appeal to a diverse audience. Dead Oceans.

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