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November 17, 2011
Why you should be using ProChannel
The ProChannel is one of the most innovative features to ever be incorporated into any DAW. It gives you instant access to the same mixing tools used by professional producers for the past 25 years. Build custom channel strips from legendary hardware and combine them to create the ultimate classic console emulation. Craft a super hybrid mixing console where each component is precisely what you need and each control is familiar and close at hand.

New ProChannel Section
We have completely revamped our ProChannel section to give you an in-depth look at all the features included in ProChannel, ProChannel Expanded (available in SONAR X1 Producer Expanded), plus a look at the new ProChannel Modules that are now available separately. We have included new videos, screenshots, and product information.

Learn more about:

Complete 4K modeling right inside SONAR X1
The differences between the ProChannel EQ modes (Modern, Vintage, Pure)
When to use a PC4K Channel Compressor vs. PC4K Bus Compressor
The two saturation modules (ProChannel Tube Saturation and Softube Saturation Knob)
Much more!
Visit the new ProChannel page today

Plus: Get FREE ProChannel Presets
We want you to experience the full power of ProChannel so we have included over 50 new presets (with more being added every day) to give you a taste of the power you have with the ProChannel. We have included presets for the original ProChannel (available in SONAR X1 Producer) plus presets that use the new modules available through SONAR X1 Producer Expanded.

Download FREE ProChannel Presets today

New SONAR X1 Producer Expanded bundles featuring the Channel Compressor
We have bundled the new PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor with SONAR X1 Producer Expanded and other popular products, making it easy to get everything you need in one shopping trip. Pick the bundle that is right for you and save up to 28% off the regular price or buy just SONAR X1 Producer Expanded stand-alone.

Top Seller! SONAR X1 Producer Expanded Z3TA+ 2 Bundle - $119/£89/€99 (save up to 19%)
SONAR X1 Producer Expanded Compressor Bundle - $79/£59/€69 (save 20%)
SONAR X1 Producer Expanded Video Bundle - $99/£69/€79 (save up to 28%)
SONAR X1 Producer Expanded (stand-alone) - $49/£35/€39
PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor Module (for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded) - $49/£35/€39
PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate Module (for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded) - $49/£35/€39
Requirements: In order to purchase SONAR X1 Producer Expanded or any of the bundles, you must be a registered SONAR X1 Producer customer. In order to purchase the PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor or Expander / Gate, you must also have SONAR X1 Producer Expanded.

Free Welcome Kit: As a thank you for being a loyal Cakewalk customer, we have created a new Welcome Kit, which is now in your Cakewalk Store account. It includes:

Groove 3 SONAR X1 Tips and Tricks Sampler Video, which includes 3 videos on V-Vocal and 3 videos on the Matrix View
In-depth Matrix View video, taken from the SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton
$25/£20/€25 off coupon good towards DSF Sound Pack purchases of $50/£40/€50 or more
40 presets for Z3TA+ 1/2, taken from the Xenos Soundworks “Dark ‘n’ Dirty,” “Vintage 70’s and 80’s,” and the “Powerhouse Dance" collection
A $50 value, the Welcome Kit will automatically be added to your SONAR X1 upgrade order
Redeem your free copy of the Welcome Kit
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