Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro Usb

December 1, 2009
cakewalkGTP4_TrackView_medThe folks at Cakewalk have been on a mission to bring digital recording to the 6-string masses (okay, you don’t have to play guitar to enjoy their products, but a lot of those Cakewalk dudes do). In their quest to make it easier, cheaper, and more fun to get your music recorded, they now present Guitar Tracks Pro USB ($199 retail/ $149 street). This package contains not only recording software, amp models, effects, and a virtual backing band, but also Cakewalk’s handy dandy, guitar-friendly UA-1G recording interface. It installed easily on my PC and I was tracking in no time. The amp sims (from Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE) and stompboxes sound quite good. As with a lot of virtual amps, a little bit of distortion went a long way for me, but between the two guitar choices (Lead 800 and Twang Reverb) I was able to get happening clean and dirty tones. I also have a more full-featured recording program (Cakewalk’s awesome Sonar), but for getting ideas fleshed out quickly and easily, this thing is tough to beat. For PC users who haven’t jumped into the digital recording game, what are you waiting for?
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