BR Custom Pedalboard Covers

May 7, 2010

As the boutique pedal effects world continues to grow by leaps and bounds nobody (until now) has thought much about protection for guitar pedals. Sure, there are hard cases and soft cases, but those are primarily designed for transporting your pedals. What if you just want to provide protection for your pedals without the hassle of unplugging your rig and lifting your pedalboard into a case? 

Well, BR Custom Pedalboard Covers has a solution to the problem. The company offers quality hand-made pedalboard covers designed to custom fit your rig.

BR Custom Pedalboard Covers are custom made by hand, in our USA factory, to your exact specifications. They are constructed from hand selected materials that are long lasting and provide protection from moisture, dust, dirt, scratches, unruly pets and drunken audience member beverage spills between sets. They are available in designer colors and are priced roughly between $30 and $50 for most common pedalboard sizes.

Robert Anders, founder of BR Custom, commented “The problem with hard and soft cases is that they are designed for transporting pedals from one place to another. At home or in the studio, most people don’t unplug and lift their pedalboard into a case every night. This leaves their prized pedal collection exposed to dust and moisture, which over time, can lead to oxidation on potentiometers, unwanted noise and reduced performance from the effects. BR Custom Pedalboard Covers offer guitarists and bassists a unique and elegant solution to this problem that no player should be without. Simple to use, you just place it over your pedals when you’re not using them. They provide excellent protection and look great.”


BR Custom Pedalboard Covers is a company providing quality American Made products to meet the needs of guitarists and bassists. BR Custom was founded by a guitarist of 30 years who discovered a much needed void in the marketplace.

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