Boss FV-50H

March 14, 2005

This diminutive pedal is constructed of high-impact plastic and weighs a mere pound. Besides operating in stereo, the FV-50H features a dedicated tuner output and a Minimum Volume knob. The pedal uses a mechanical swinging arm to turn a standard potentiometer, which makes a subtle but audible swooshing sound when moved. The pedal’s internal circuitry is fairly clean and tidy, with foil shielding and a ground wire attached to the metal bottom plate. There’s a little dead space in the first part of the pedal’s range, and once it kicks in, the volume increases fairly suddenly. The Minimum Volume knob offers a range of preset volume levels beginning just below full.

I detected a very slight reduction in shimmer and openness when playing through the amplifiers, and as with all three passive pedals the FV-50H produced a tiny bit of noise when really cranked up through the mixer—but both of these things are relatively insignificant. Generally speaking, the FV-50H packs a generous feature set into a compact package, operates comfortably, and sounds very good. A low-impedance version, the FV-50L, is also available.

KUDOS Well constructed. Lightweight. Stereo. Minimum Volume control. Tuner output.

CONCERNS Very slight tone sucking. Some mechanical noise.

Price $114 retail/$89 street

CONTACT boss, (323) 890-3700

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