Blackstar announces HT Metal amps and cabs

July 12, 2013
Blackstar Amplification has added the HT Metal range to its line of guitar amplifiers. Featuring extreme high gain tones and custom cosmetics, this series of tube amplifiers-based on the award-winning HT-1, HT-5 and Venue Series products-is specially voiced and cosmetically styled to appeal to today's metal guitarists. Higher Wattage models accommodate 6L6 tubes for an extreme, scooped out, metal sound.
The HT Metal series offers an amp for every occasion, from bedroom practice to large concert stages. It consists of six models: 2-channel 1W and 5W heads and combos, as well as a 60W (2x12) combo and 100W head, both of which are 6L6-loaded and have three footswitchable channels. Rounding out the series are matching 1x12, 4x8 and 4x12 cabinets.
In keeping with Blackstar's mission to help musicians find their own sounds, each amp is equipped with the patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control that enables players to quickly and easily take their sound from classic British heavy metal to modern US scooped high gain and anywhere in between.

Each amp in the series offers reverb, as well as an emulated speaker out for direct recording. For practice or jamming along, the 1W and 5W models also offer stereo MP3/Line input plus an external speaker out for connection to an external cabinet. Custom black metal grilles, metal panels and metal logos give the amps a look that complements their aggressive, yet controllable, tones.

The Blackstar HT Metal Series will be available Fall 2013 with pricing as follows:

HT Metal 1 1W, 2-channel tube combo U.S. Street $339.99
HT Metal 1H 1W, 2-channel tube head U.S. Street $269.99
HT Metal 5 5W, 2-channel tube combo U.S. Street $529.99
HT Metal 5H 5W, 2-channel tube head U.S. Street $429.99
HT Metal 60 60W, 2x12, 3-channel tube combo U.S. Street $1149.99
HT Metal 100 100W, 3-channel tube head U.S. Street $1049.99
HT Metal 112 1x12" speaker cabinet U.S. Street $209.99
HT Metal 408 4x8" speaker cabinet U.S. Street $269.99
HT Metal 412A/B 4x12" speaker cabinet U.S. Street $649.99

A footswitch is included in models 5 Watts and above.
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