Black Cat Announces the Return of the Black Cat Vibe

August 14, 2012
imgBlack Cat Pedals is pleased to announce the return of the legendary Black Cat Vibe. The new Black Cat Vibe is now available in an attractive, custom-made stompbox enclosure and will begin shipping this week. Black Cat also plans to have the original half-rack version available in September.
The Black Cat Vibe was the flagship of the original Black Cat product line. It garnered a reputation among many as the best Univibe re-creation ever made, and can still be found in the rigs of many well-known players, such as Trey Anastasio, Steve Lukather, and Michael Landau. We've taken every measure to ensure that the new Black Cat Vibe will capture the sound and tonal nuance of its legendary predecessor. In addition, we've incorporated some improvements that will allow each unit to be more durable, reliable and consistently produced than the originals.
Our goal from the start was not just to make a Univibe, but to resurrect the Black Cat Vibe. So the new Black Cat Vibe uses the same circuit as the original. In fact, we auditioned several original Black Cat Vibes, picked the sweetest sounding one and reverse engineered it to create the new Black Cat Vibe. It even uses a 12V AC power supply, just like the original. 

Black Cat Vibe Features:
* Same circuit as the original Black Cat Vibe
* Custom fabricated Metallic Silver enclosure - Made the USA
* Custom fabricated "Black Cat Dome" lamp/LDR cover - Made in USA
* Cool Black glass epoxy PCB with yellow silkscreen - Made in USA
* Expression pedal jack for manual speed control
* Comes with 12V AC power adapter
* Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA
The new Black Cat Vibe will retail for $334. There is currently a two-month wait for the Black Cat Vibe.
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