Debuts New Online Course: Acoustic Guitar Techniques

March 29, 2011, the online school of Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music, is debuting the new course Acoustic Guitar Techniques for their upcoming spring term, beginning April 4th, 2011. In this online course students will become more effective players by strengthening their rhythmic strumming, use of alternate tunings, and fingerstyle playing on the acoustic guitar.

"It's like an artist walking into a craft store. It's essential for any guitarist or singer-songwriter looking to play with greater refinement and creative possibility," says course author, instructor, and Berklee College of Music professor Abigail Aronson Zocher. "We will study three main elements including right hand fingerstyle technique, right hand strumming technique, and tunings in a number of complimentary ways. I'm really excited to see what we will create."

The course offers a number of in-depth exercise techniques directed at improving students' overall fluency, tone, dynamics, and control. Starting with rhythmic strumming, students will explore how to play sparse and partially improvised strumming textures, in addition to ones that are dense, regular, and groove-based. They will also learn how to play and write with open major triad tunings, how to play modal sounds in open tunings, and how to use more complex tunings beyond major triads. Toward the end of the course, students will delve into Travis picking and eventually be able to play a contrapuntal piece with several melodic lines happening simultaneously. The course features notable acoustic guitar players such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Indigo Girls, and the Grateful Dead.

Acoustic Guitar Techniques will enable you to better express yourself on the acoustic guitar, as well as provide you with valuable information that can be used in developing your own compositions.

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