Bennett Music Labs' Brown Sound

March 1, 2005

The term “brown” is used a lot to describe the smooth distortion that tubes are known for, and the Brown Sound ($159 retail/street price N/A) takes you to that realm with its creamy voicing. Though not an extreme pedal in any sense, the Brown Sound produces moderate output, and it has a squawky distortion that sounds nice and thick when you dime the Drive knob. You get the best clarity and dynamic response with both of the knobs wide open—Drive settings of zero to one-half are quite dark sounding when you back off your guitar volume. The Brown Sound injects a little midrange sheen into your tone, which allows it to stand out well in a mix despite not having a super strong output. If you’re into old-school blues/rock tones and are looking for something that comes a little closer to the fuzz side of town than, say, a Tube Screamer, this affordable U.S.-made boutique pedal is a cool alternative.

KUDOS Cool, vintage-style distortion.

CONCERNS No Tone control means you can’t compensate for loss of highs in lower Drive settings.

CONTACT (423) 355-1750;

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