Behringer FCV100

March 14, 2005

This stereo pedal is equipped with a Minimum Volume knob and a battery strength LED. The 1.43-lb unit is sturdily constructed of heavy-duty plastic and rubber, and its treadle travels more than twice the distance as that of any of the other pedals, cocking back all the way to the floor. To access the battery compartment you remove a screw on the bottom that holds a small metal plate in place, which in turn holds the pedal’s two pieces together. Ironically, you have to push the pedal down about two inches before anything happens, and the final inch is similarly inactive—yet there’s still enough play left to make for a smooth and fairly linear volume increase.

The FCV100 uses a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) to regulate the volume rather than a potentiometer—allowing it to double as a CV controller—but despite the snazzy technology, the pedal produces a drop in overall level, noticeably dulls the high frequencies at around 8kHz, produces a discernable amount of hiss, and makes a slight mechanical swishing sound when moved. The good news is that the FCV100 streets for a remarkably low $25, making it an outstanding value for players on a tight budget.

KUDOS Tremendous value. Stereo/CV operation. Minimum Volume control.

CONCERNS Noisy. Appreciable level and tone sucking. Some mechanical noise.

Price $29 retail/$24 street

CONTACT Behringer, (425) 672-0816

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