BBE Mind Bender

July 1, 2007

Based on the Boss VB-2 Vibrato and Way Huge Blue Hippo chorus, the Mind Bender ($209 retail/$149 street) uses analog bucket-brigade circuitry to generate a variety of warm modulation textures. The unit features Speed and Depth controls along with dual footswitches for Vibrato/Chorus and bypass. A pair of LEDs indicate the selected effect, and a third LED pulses in time with the speed rate. The Mind Bender’s 9-volt battery is easily accessible via a flip-open hatch on the bottom of the aluminum enclosure, and a 2.1mm jack is also provided for use with the included power adapter.

The Mind Bender is a powerful effector that can deliver sweet, rich chorusing to effects that replicate the blurry swirl of a rotary speaker. The Depth control is extremely potent, and its abundant range quickly moves you past syrupy chorus sounds to pitch-shifted textures that truly challenge the definition of “chorus.” Likewise, the Vibrato mode offers relatively gentle pitch massaging at Depth settings below 9 ’o clock, but rapidly sails into a rolling sea of pitch-bend queasiness as you advance the Depth knob. Not surprisingly, the Speed range is very generous as well, providing for extremely fast or slow textures in chorus or vibrato mode.

Excellent range of chorus and vibrato effects. Makes a great sound-effect unit. True hardwire bypass.

Chorus is slightly louder than the vibrato. Chorus may be too pitch shifty for some tastes.

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