Battery-Powered Bartlett Guitar Microphone Offers Natural Sound Low Feedback

August 31, 2010

bartlettElkhart, IN -- 8/31/10 -- Newly designed for acoustic guitarists, the Bartlett Guitar Mic Pro B provides hi-fi sound while rejecting feedback. Selling for $179, this pro-quality miniature condenser mic attaches inside an acoustic guitar for sound reinforcement and recording. It is intended to convey the timbre of the instrument accurately to the audience.

According to Flamenco guitarist/teacher Jason McGuire, "The Bartlett Guitar Mic Pro B is compatible with wireless systems and "silent-removal" muting guitar cables. This setup gives powerful, natural and rich feedback-resistant sound. Thanks to Bruce Bartlett for listening to guitars and guitarists, and for solving a huge issue that I have been struggling with for over 15 years."

The mic mounts on the front surface of a guitar just inside the sound hole. Two sticky Velcro[R] pads are supplied for mounting. This placement results in high volume from the PA speakers, and it isolates the mic from other instruments.

A microphone mounted inside the sound hole normally sounds boomy, but the frequency response of the Guitar Mic Pro B rolls off in the low frequencies to compensate. The result is a natural, non-boomy tone. Frequency response is claimed to be very smooth from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

Featuring a 620-hour battery life, the mic can be used with wireless mic transmitters, guitar amps and direct boxes. Removing the guitar cord shuts off the battery.

Easy to install, the USA-made Guitar Mic Pro B includes an endpin jack and a 9-volt battery holder. More information and product reviews are available at

Bartlett Microphones designs and manufactures clip-on mics for acoustic instruments and stage-floor microphones for drama and musicals.

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