December 1, 2009
batt-o-meter_1This super handy device from Keith McMillen Instruments allows you to quickly check the voltage and estimated hours of life that remain on batteries in your effects pedals or other devices. You simply plug the unit’s attached, gold-plated power probe into your pedal’s input jack, press the test button, and the voltage and time remaining flash sequentially on the LED screen. The Batt-O-Meter ($34 retail) can test alkaline, carbon-zinc, or rechargeable 9-volt batteries, and it also has external test points for checking non-installed 9-volt or 1.5-volt batteries. This cool little tester gives you peace of mind that your pedal won’t die in the middle of a gig, and it can save you the time of having to take your pedal apart to change or check the battery.
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