Barry Cleveland’s Top 5 Picks From NAMM

April 22, 2011

Amazing new stompboxes were in abundance, including the Eventide Space (12 stunning reverb and ambient effects), and the Strymon Time- Line, which may be the deepest delay pedal ever created (the demo took 30 minutes).


The DIVO Orange TubeSync OV4 optimizes tube performance by monitoring power-amp fluctuations, as well as allowing you to mix and match power tubes of all types. Rivera’s Rock Crusher may be used as a power attenuator or a load box, and its reactive load network allows it to interact with your amp much like a speaker.


Random encounters with extraordinary musicians are always one of the most enjoyable parts of any NAMM show, and this year’s most memorable moments included booth performances by Martin Taylor and Andreas Oberg, David Grissom, Alex Skolnick, and Guthrie Govan.


Speaking of looping, Boss staged the last two rounds of its Loop Station World Championship (Dave Navarro and Steve Stevens were among the judges), and seeing so many artists finding unique approaches to looping technology, and applying them to create great music was truly inspiring.


Being a live-looping enthusiast, I was pleased to see the Vox VL1 Dynamic Looper, the Boss RC-30, and the Looperlative LP2 Mini Looper.

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