Atlantic Quality Design: ZEROCAP Cable

April 1, 2009

The ZEROCAP requires only that you remember to turn it on, which is done by pressing a soft switch on the face of the housing. And if you forget to turn it off after the gig, the circuit automatically switches itself off after an hour of non use. We tested the ZEROCAP with a PRS Modern Eagle II and SC 245 into a Reeves Custom 12 PS combo. Comparisons were made by switching a 20-foot ZEROCAP on and off, as well as by swapping it with a 15-foot George L’s .155 cable and an 18-foot Klotz LaGrange, both of which were winners in our recent 49-cable Fight Club article.

The ZEROCAP definitely delivers an increase in high-frequency content, which was noticeable both when toggling the cable on and off, and when we substituted it with our standard cables. The sound, however, was a little more strident through the ZEROCAP than it was with either of our reference cables. The George L’s and Klotz cables were a tad darker than the ZEROCAP, but they also both had a sweeter top end and sounded “browner” with this guitar/amp combination. Bottom line: All cables have a sound—including the ZEROCAP—and you should try this unique product to see if the absence of capacitance yields the sound you want. (Wallace responds: “I designed this cable with zero capacitance so that the sound that hits the amp is the sound of the guitar, and nothing else. What you do with that as an artist is up to you.”)

KUDOS Extended high-end response. Coils easily. Rugged construction.

CONCERNS Sounds more clinical than a standard cable.

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