Ashdown Upgrades ABM, MAG, And EB Series Amps/Cabinets

April 27, 2006

Strong yet light, the ply cabinets are covered in twice-rolled Tolex (to remove the unsightly glossiness) and feature custom-designed connector plates recessed into airtight, sealed enclosures.

What's more, power ratings for all of the European-manufactured custom Ashdown BlueLine loudspeaker drivers in the ABM range are now increased for greater reliability and performance.

Commenting on the ABM upgrades, Ashdown's Mark Gooday says, "It's the details that make the difference. It's easy to make a cabinet from off the shelf parts but at Ashdown, we set out to produce something special. That's why the connector panels, grilles, handles - and of course the speakers themselves - are all custom designed for Ashdown ABM cabinets and combos."

Designed for the busy semi-pro player that wants Ashdown tone without all the sophisticated facilities of the ABM, the 300-Watt MAG range also gets the striking new 'Ashdown Wing' speaker grilles, while the 1x15 cab and combo get an uprated custom BlueLine speaker.

Loading legendary Ashdown tone into an affordable 180-Watt package, the Ashdown Electric Blues are already in high demand by beginners and working bass players alike. Now the EBs get a classic, illuminated Ashdown VU meter - just like Ashdown's ABM stadium rigs, and new custom 'Ashdown Wing' speaker grilles. Meanwhile the EB15-180 combo gets a new, uprated BlueLine speaker.

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