ALO’s Dan Lebowitz: On Amplifying Acoustics

January 1, 2009

I avoid using side fills and front wedges because each source produces different frequencies, and that can lead to an unmanageable situation. I rely solely on my amp and a Klon Centaur pedal for an occasional boost. I find that having an amp with variable power-output options helps me adjust my playing touch to the size of the venue. The Custom 33’s variable 17/33-watt power option facilitates drive from the EL84 tubes at appropriate levels. The 17-watt setting is great for smaller rooms, while the 33-watt setting allows good headroom in most other situations. Regardless of room size, I often use a 1x12 extension cabinet loaded with a Tone Tubby 12 alnico hempcone speaker to broaden the sound. The warmer alnico tone complements the brighter ceramic speaker in the combo. They sound stellar together.”

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