All Time Low on Live vs Studio

January 1, 2010

0.000gp0110_riffs_atl_nrAlthough they relied on a bunch of guitars—including Gibson, Fender, and Rickenbacker—and Marshall and Orange amps to record their latest CD, Nothing Personal [Hopeless], the guitarists in All Time Low bring different gear on tour. Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth spoke to GP at the San Diego stop of the Warped Tour. —Stephen Ordonez

Do you use the same gear live as you do in the studio?

Gaskarth: No. For touring, you really want to have something that isn’t going to be temperamental on stage, not something that’s going to break all the time. We use Mesas for our amps. I use a Stiletto and Jack uses a Dual Rectifier. The cool thing about touring with Mesas is that they are self-biasing. If a tube blows, you can just pop in a new one. You don’t have to re-tube the entire amp and you don’t have to bias it yourself. The amp just figures it out, which is really helpful.

Barakat: Also, we run direct out of heads, so there’s no stage volume and no actual live cabs.

Gaskarth: You get the real guitar tone and tube sound, but it goes through a cab simulator straight to the front-of-house mixer. Our sound guy, Evan Kirkendall, likes there to be as little volume on stage as possible so he can get the purest sound into the house. We all use in-ear monitors. For our guitars live, we both play PRS now. We just recently hooked up that deal because PRS is based out of Annapolis, which is 30 minutes from where we live. Their guitars are phenomenal. Although they’re not always the best sound for recording, they are amazing tour guitars and they never go out of tune.

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