Alexx Calise on Tracking Fat Power Chords

September 1, 2010

GP0910_Riffs_AC_nr“FOR THE RECORDING OF MY NEW album, In Avanti, my producer Luigie Gonzalez and I used a power chord technique that was also used in the past by bands such as Def Leppard,” says “rocktronica” guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Alexx Calise. “To get a really fat sound, I played the tonics, the 5ths, and the high octaves of each chord on separate tracks, enabling the power chords to cut through the mix like a knife. Next, we doubled those tracks with synthesizers to give them a modern, almost electro feel, and then we quantized everything.

“Another key to my sound is layering. We used Stratocasters for most of the main tracks, and Telecasters for extra bite, both run through Marshalls.















GP0910_Riffs_AC3_nrIn Avanti

To make them sound really beefy, we panned a pair of Strats right and left, and then did the same with two Tele tracks, but using different pickups for each track to vary the sound. Other than a adding a little delay to some of the Strat tracks, we kept the guitars very dry, which dramatically increased their punch.”

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