A Cure For Common Wrist Tuning-Strain Is Found In The New Head-Stock Arrangement Of Burrell Guitars

September 20, 2006

A new approach to easing the strain of tuning a Guitar is introduced by Mr. Burrell – 2 rows of 3 Bass-side Tuners generously spaced 1 ½ in. apart provide:

. The Player with a clear view of the Tuners

. Easy access to each Tuner for Artists with big fingers

. 12-string tuning without guess-work

This new Head-stock pattern is Standard on all hand-made BURRELL Instruments: VENTURE Class, SRP $1800; CHALLENGE Class, SRP $1800; DISCOVER Class SRP $1800; JAZZ Guitar, $2,150; & ELECTRIC Guitar, $2,150. The old 4&2 Head-stock pattern is still available as a no-charge option.

Mr. Burrell, Patent holder for the “twisted-neck” began development of the Natural Acoustic Guitar shape in 2002 with a goal to provide an Instrument that is comfortable to hold & easy to play while retaining the basic paradigm of GUITAR.

Artists suffered with Flattopitis until Mr. Burrell introduced his ergonomically correct Body designs – the NATURAL Style, and the FAT-BOY Style. This new easy-to-manipulate Tuner Pattern “tops” his contribution to the Guitar Industry.

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