3RD Power Introduces HLH100 Guitar Amp

October 13, 2009

3RD Power Amplification Systems has introduced its first product, a truly unique professional guitar amp system. The HLH100 Series system combines patent-applied-for technologies in both its tube amplifier and triangular 3x12 speaker cabinet to produce the ultimate medium-to-high gain guitar rig. The HLH100 features hand-wired circuitry from amp to cabinet and is made in the USA.

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This unique, large-format rig was designed for serious guitarists by 3RD Power president and pro audio industry veteran Jamie Scott. “In the 25 years I’ve been playing, I’ve spent a lot my free time working on my guitar rig,” he states. “The goal was create a tour-ready rig that can produce a ‘fader-up’ guitar sound with killer overdrive tone at any volume level, while eliminating the standing waves and phase smear inherent in traditional speaker cabinet design.”

To achieve the sound he was looking for, Scott perfected the DirecDRIV tube preamp section, which produces a sweet-sounding overdrive that transmits every nuance from guitar to cabinet, at any volume. An innovative Smooth/Bold voicing switch gives the player a choice of tonalities between a classic late-60s sound (Smooth) and an assertive, more lyrical tube quality (Bold). The HD100 amp is hand-wired point to point and produces a classic 100 watts of power designed for use in combination with the HLH 312 cabinet.

The physical design of the HLH 312 speaker cabinet, while visually striking, has very specific sonic benefits. With no parallel walls, many of the audio artifacts inherent in more traditional cabinet designs have been eliminated. The shape also allows closer spacing of the speaker cones, creating a distinctive, point-source sound that retains coherency across the entire sound stage.

Like the system’s HD100 amp head, the 312 cabinet is the brainchild of 3RD Power founder Jamie Scott, who has been playing professionally since the age of 16. “I first sketched the original physical design over 20 years back,” he recalls. “In doing patent research for the HLH100 System, I was amazed to learn that no one else had come up with the idea. Because as a guitarist, let me tell you, the sound is amazing!”

Each HLH 312 cabinet features three Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, wired in parallel for exceptional transient response and rich, dynamic sound, from tight, extended lows to sweet, articulate mids and highs. By stacking three cabinets together, guitarists can achieve a wet/dry/wet structure in roughly the same space as two conventional 4x12 cabinets. This architecture creates an amazingly consistent sound throughout the performance area, eliminating the comb-filtering lobes and harsh, “beamy” sound of conventional rigs to achieve an amazingly cohesive soundstage.

At its heart, 3RD Power Amplification is a showcase for Jamie Scott’s lifelong search for the ultimate guitar rig. “When you get three 312 cabinets together with the HD100 head in that wet/dry/wet configuration, the sound is amazing!” he enthuses. “The harmonically rich and responsive overdrive, the 3D soundstage created with no hotspots or dead spots… It’s something that every serious player has to experience.”

A full-blown HLH 100 Series amp rig achieves big volume, but maintains its rich tonal quality even at modest gain settings. The HD100 tube amplifier carries an MSRP of $2999. The companion 312 speaker cabinet weighs in at 70 pounds, stands 30 inches tall and is priced at $1699.  Both components are now shipping.

3RD Power Amplification Systems products are distributed exclusively by Nashville-based TSI Distributing, a division of Tour Supply. Both dealer and player inquiries are welcome. For full information, including video demos, please visit www.3rdpoweramps.com and www.tsidistributing.com, or call 615-251-9101.

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