Put Some Snap In Your Playing

February 7, 2014

Happy, Scrappy, and Snappy
This is one of my all-time favorite licks. I play it by snapping the accented notes with my right-hand index finger, with pretty much every other note being a hammer-on or pull off. When your third finger lands on the G string, just lay it flat on the B string and keep snapping!

The Jordanian Mode
At his amazing master class at the Whistler Jazz Fest, two-handed wizard Stanley Jordan talked about creating eight-note scales, such as this one. By adding a minor 3rd to the Lydian mode, we get the intriguing pattern in the first bar. The second bar features what he called the “axis of symmetry” in the scale: identical intervallic shapes. The third bar is a non-tapper’s way of approximating the contrary motion that Jordan can do so effortlessly. Deep!

Tap That Sus
This cool chordal tapping lick comes courtesy of Joe Matera. “It uses a B minor scale with the main motif outlining the Bm and A chords,” he explains. “It’s very keyboard-ish in texture, with the tapped A, C#, and D notes creating an interplay against the bottom fretted double-stops of B and F# and A and E. The tapped notes create suspensions where the Bm becomes Bsus2 and the A becomes Asus4.

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