How to Perform Seven Weird But Useful Guitar Techniques

February 17, 2017

Samurai guitarist Steve-san Onotera is back with a video in which he demonstrates seven odd guitar techniques, many of which are useful.

The techniques includes:

Harp Harmonics
“This was originally a classical technique that was lated adopted by jazz players and great guitarists such as Lenny Breau,” Steve explains.

Behind the Nut Bends
“You can bend the string behind the nut to get a pedal-steel-type effect,” he says.

Two-Finger Tapping
“I’ve heard Buckethead do this, as well as using up to four fingers for tapping goodness.”

The Jeff Beck Strat Warble
“It’s a technique that I’ve picked up from Jeff Beck,” Steve explains.

Pen or Pencil Trem
“Not the most practical thing in the world, but if you want to bust out some reggae and you’re sick and tired of your same-old pick, this is what you can do.”

Playing Guitar with Your Teeth
“Shout out to your boy Jimi Hendrix.”

Check out the video to see all seven techniques and how to perform them.

For more of Steve’s lessons, visit his SamuraiGuitarist channel on YouTube.

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