Carl Fischer Now Distributing New York City Guitar School Books

July 24, 2012
imgCarl Fischer Music welcomes the New York City Guitar School to its catalogue. We are pleased to announce the availability of two complete foundational guitar classes, designed to introduce would-be guitarists to the instrument and to get them up and strumming (or picking) in no time flat. These are the course books used at the School, but they are also effective with a guitar teacher or as self-study. Information is presented logically, in step-by-step facility, and beginners will soon be playing the music that brought them to guitar. Watch a YouTube testimonial video here.

Guitar for Absolute Beginners (NYC1 • $17.95), by Dan Emery, is where it all starts – no prior knowledge needed! Pick up a guitar, go over its features and components, learn to strum, and you're off and running. This true step-by-step method brings all of the basics to bear, one at a time, in a natural, time-tested progression, as if you were attending the School. Learn chord symbols, tab, chord progression, and much more as you move through the book, and make use of the YouTube channel for corresponding videos and extra help. Students who complete this book will be able to play arrangements of many of their favorite songs.
Finger Style Basics for Guitar (NYC2 • $15.95), by Lenny Molotov, guides students into finger style playing. Although designed for beginners on the instrument, the book suggests that a basic familiarity with open chords and strumming helps, but no prior knowledge of fingerpicking is a good thing. (No bad habits.) First lesson - the thumb must always be outside of the fingers (this will be reinforced throughout). Then, after trying out some simple exercises, it's on to arpeggios and actually playing the first of many original solos included in the book. This is a detailed study of the use of thumb and fingers, the physics of playing ("angle of attack"), and an ever-deeper study of techniques, all presented in study-at-your-own-pace format. Besides the copious use of illustrations and music examples, there are lots of videos available on the NYC Guitar School's YouTube channel, that will be of further help.
For more information email or call 646-485-7244.
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