Electro-Harmonix Reissues the CMOS Hot Tubes Overdrive

August 22, 2013
Originally released in 1978, the Hot Tubes was designed to replicate the organic overdrive of a vintage tube amp. The reissue Hot Tubes is a faithful re-creation of the original design, but presented in a compact nano-sized chassis.
The unique CMOS overdrive circuit can deliver a fattened tone at lower gain settings or transform your amp into a dimed vintage model with high sensitivity and a musical feel—all without compromising or coloring the original tone.
EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews, states: “With the price of vintage Hot Tubes soaring, countless guitarists requested that we reissue our 1970s CMOS pedal. We've done this using the exact same design and miniaturized it too. And the guitarist-friendly price of the new Hot Tubes is only a fraction of the cost of a vintage unit—if you can find one!”
The control layout includes Volume, Tone and Overdrive controls plus a Tone On/Off switch. Volume sets the overall output level of the pedal while Overdrive adjusts the gain. The Tone control can add extra warmth or sizzle. The player can also disengage the tone circuit for a beefier, more transparent sound. True bypass switching is also used to preserve your signal integrity while the pedal is not on.
The new Hot Tubes pedal is housed in a compact die-cast package and powered by a 9-volt battery or optional standard 9.6-Volt/DC200mA AC adapter. It carries a U.S. list price of $71.87.
For more information please visit ehx.com
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