Daredevil Pedals Introduces the Hand-Wired Nova Fuzz

June 25, 2014
Chicago-based boutique builder Daredevil Pedals has introduced the new Nova silicon fuzz pedal. Based on an original design, the Nova is a silicon fuzz pedal that you can use for tight rhythm tones (without the mush!) and saturated, singing leads. It offers great harmonic sustain, a bright raspy edge, and stacks well with other effects. Highly touch-sensitive and dynamic, it’s also loud enough to be used as a solo boost.

Nova fuzz highlights include:

- All hand-wired, true bypass
- Super-simple operation with two knobs controlling Volume and Saturation
- Very versatile; can cover vintage to modern tones
- Retains note distinction and clarity, even at high gain settings
- Small size and 9V power jack are pedalboard-friendly

The Nova Fuzz carries a street price of $135.  

All Daredevil pedals are hand-built in Chicago, Illinois, and available for purchase direct online at www.daredevilpedals.com. Check the site for video and audio demos.

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