July 30, 2014

JOHN SCOFIELD’S COVER OF THE classic “House of the Rising Sun” is a great example of how to create a harmonically rich jazz solo over a simp...

July 7, 2014

What goes up, must come down, and with that being the case, let’s try some descending ideas based on the “punching holes” concept from th...

June 16, 2014

Jude Gold takes you through the classic Van Halen solo note-for-note, with none of that tedious “Put your first finger on the fifth fret of ...

April 10, 2014

Use these tips to add unpredictability to your lines and a fresh sound to familiar patterns.

February 12, 2014

Get into stacking harmonies in the style of Les Paul (1950s), the Beatles (1960s), the Allman Brothers (1970s) and more!

February 7, 2014

IN SEPTEMBER’S QUICK LICKS, Matt Blackett schooled us on how to revoice a first position E minor pentatonic scale as a combination of open s...

February 1, 2014

Chuck Berry had the whole package: great looks, songs, lyrics, voice, and stage presence, plus an innovative guitar style destined to become...

January 30, 2014

HERE’S A SIMPLE WAY TO “chromaticize” diatonic scales.

January 30, 2014

Now that we’ve equated musical intervals—the distance between any two notes measured in one-fret/half-step increments— with their physica...

January 30, 2014

What goes up must come down .


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