September 8, 2014

Last time around, we concentrated on repetitive 3/8 and 3/16 hemiolas, or three-against-four rhythmic displacements, but this concept can al...

July 17, 2014

The pentatonic scale is not just for soloing anymore!

July 16, 2014

Jesse Gress shows how to expand your melodic potential using releases.

July 7, 2014

Another popular rhythmic displacement technique common to all musical styles is known as hemiola, which involves superimposing a repetitive,...

June 27, 2014

Persons of all ages dig repetitive rhythmic patterns.

May 22, 2014

THIS LESSON DEALS WITH dropped-D tuning in jazz guitar.

April 15, 2014


February 20, 2014

Hey Jazz Guy, I’m always playing the same rhythms, usually constant eighth-notes. How can I get more rhythmic variety in my playing?—Cons...

February 12, 2014

Discover new ways to play Hendrix-style rhythm guitar with an armory of 'C' chord moves.

February 11, 2014

CONSIDER THE COMMON POWER chord: Most of us already know how to manipulate these parallel perfect fifths (root+5) and their related perfect ...


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