Know Your Gear

October 21, 2014

Is pine the best tone wood for your speaker cabinet?

August 5, 2014

All about bone nuts.

March 9, 2014

Learn why germanium transistors are vital elements of vintage fuzz, distortion, and boost pedals.

February 12, 2014

Get the inside info on what makes your booster, distortion, fuzz, and overdrive boxes tick...

January 30, 2014

IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT TRUE BYPASS: NO doubt it would be a dark, dull, muddy place, inhabited only by the wan, hollow sound of tone suck...

January 1, 2010

SWEET AND SULTRY, MORE PURR THAN ROAR, the archtop acoustic is a flavor that relatively few contemporary pop and rock guitarists have sam...

August 1, 2009

OH, HOW WE GEAR WRITERS LOVE TO THROWAROUND the saucy old cliché that declares “size does matter.” But when it comes to amplifier wattage, w...

July 1, 2009

GUITARISTS TEND TO COME IN THREE SCHOOLS AS far as vibrato tailpieces, or “whammy bars,” are concerned: those who can’t live without them,...

May 1, 2009

WHEN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT ELECTRIC GUITAR tone, pickups are where it all starts. Certainly wood, strings, hardware, and fingers all interac...


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