Dig My Rig, December 2010

December 06, 2010

gp1210_comm_rig1_nrThat’s me—blues guitarist Jimmie Silvia—and my bastardized 1995 Fender American Standard Stratocaster. The body and bridge are the last remaining original parts. This awesome guitar now has a Warmoth neck, Sperzel tuners, and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. Coupled with my Garmopat-modded Vox wah, Fulltone Full-Drive 2, and Fender Deluxe reissue, it’s a truly inspirational rig! —JIMMIE SILVIA



gp1210_comm_rig2_nr gp1210_comm_rig4_nrgp1210_comm_rig3_nr


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