Dig My Rig! March 2011

| March 3, 2011

gp0311_comm_dig_nrMy name is Ignazio Vagnone. I work for one of the largest MI distributors in Italy, and I’m a player, collector, and aficionado. Here is my latest rig.

GUITAR: USA Custom Guitars custom thinline with a Honduras mahogany body, a pau ferro neck, a Callaham Vintage bridge, and two DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs.

AMP: Groove Tubes Soul-O 75 with one Electro-Voice EVM12L speaker—custom modded by Marco Brunetti of Brunetti amps, Italy—and a Mesa/Boogie extension cabinet with one EVM12L speaker.

FX: On my pedalboard, I have an Ernie Ball volume pedal, a Dunlop Cry Baby, a TC Electronic Vintage Octa Screamer, a Fulltone Mini Deja’Vibe, a Carl Martin

Compressor/Limiter, a Fulltone Full-Drive II 10th Anniversary MOSFET Edition, a Fulltone OCD, an Ethos Overdrive, and a Little Lehle to switch the whole pedalboard in and out. Power is via a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus, and all wiring is by George L’s. In the parallel effects loop, I have a Line 6 DL4 and a TC Electronics G-Sharp. —IGNAZIO VAGNONE, ITALY

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